Binary Matrix Pro Review- how to spot a SCAM

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Binary Matrix Pro review

How to identify most SCAM binary options signals services and fake reviews on the internet

I generally do not make binary options signals reviews of providers that do not work at all.I made this Binary Matrix Pro review because of all the fake positive reviews on internet. And as guide and main example of most of the scam signal services.

Binary Matrix Pro signals is “technically free”. All “free” binary options trading  signals providers are scams.I explain why later in this article.Leave a comment below this review about your experience!

How Binary Matrix Pro software works?

Binary Matrix Pro software is an almost new trading signals software that helps traders with binary options. The primary function of this software would be to watch the market carefully and try to find binary options trades that could make profit. The Binary Matrix software will alert you when there is a possibly winning trade.It is also possible to see how many of the traders reported wins and how many reported losses on a specific signal.I ll come back later on this.

In earlier times binary options traders could only detect patterns in the movement of assets by manually observing many graphs at the same time. Now, computer programs can do this and instantly discover patterns while they form. The benefit of computer algorithms is that they can look at assets and several hundred graphs at the same time.However,I do not trust software alone for binary options trading no matter how good it is.Because the human eye is the best indicator. You can have a software as an assistant,but programmed indicators do maths.Psychology, patience and intuition belong to the trader.Now lets continue with the important facts of this Binary Matrix Pro review.

The trading signals

Binary Matrix Pro provides $300 free signal credits.Traders can use these credits to receive around 30,000 free binary options signals. The $300 free credits may last for at least 40 days.If binary options traders handle them responsibly  they could last actually up to 6-12 months. As you may recall, in the beginning I wrote that this binary options signals service is “technically free”. This is because right after you sign up you’ll get $300 trading signal credits for free.The trader uses the $300 signal credits  to buy signals. One signal charges $0.01, which means that using these credits you can get up to 30,000 binary options trading signals completely for free.You can ask to get up to 700 signals each day.This means even by using all the 700 alerts daily you will be able to use this service for 42 days without having to pay anything.But if you set this from 700 signals down to 200, then you definitely can use this binary options signal service for around 150 days. It is all up to you.

This is the reason Binary Matrix Pro  is “technically” a free binary options trading signals provider.You will need to buy new credits once you have used up the $300 free binary options signal credits. A few days ago I received an email that they are also going to offer: 5 Minute Signals for $2.5 Per Signal, 15 Minute Signals for $5 Per Signal,30 Minute Signals for $7 Per Signal and 60 Minute Signals for $10 Per Signal.

Social feature

Binary Matrix Pro results

Binary Matrix Pro results as reported from fake live feed

In their accounts traders have a completely operational social signal trading feature.This feature will enable them to share their own binary options signals results to the community or with their pals. However,after following a small number of trades,you can see that it is as expected an absolute crap. Losing trading signals were reported as 90% or 95% wins.

The social feature of this binary options signals software appears to be fake. Binary Matrix Pro software is among these systems that smart web marketers have created just to earn money. Their “social feedback function” is undoubtedly fake. There seem to be consistently around 500 users on-line and taking binary options trades regardless of the time or day. Furthermore, the supposed “community reporting” results look totally unrelated to the real market movement. I’ve observed trading signals in market situations where an asset was going continuously in the wrong way.But still the community “reported” more than 80% success.This is one of the main reasons I made this binary options signals review.

Binary Matrix Pro Support

This binary options signals provider offers access to personal account managers. They claim that you can reach them at any moment either through e-mail or phone. Many binary options traders,though,have reported that never got a response from them. Even if they contacted them two or three times.

Along with the Binary Matrix software you get an “Account representative”.But every single time I clicked for the contact on the software it gave me an error.I have also sent messages to the official email addresses that Binary Matrix Pro gives and still nothing. Customer support just does not exist.

Binary Matrix Pro Results

Fake Performance: provides performance results from 2013. However, according to this site was made on February 2014. Binary Matrix Pro official website claims more than 81% success. So far my results were much lower, around 45% rate .I did not have a demo account to test it but I tested it with real money for 5 trading days. So I lost a lot of money.

  • Winners: 150 (44%)
  • Ties: 27 (8%)
  • Losers: 162 (48%)

Yet based on their “community results”, it reported above 80% success rate of their binary options signals.Binary Matrix Pro results will certainly empty your broker’s account little by little.This is the most important reason that led me to write this binary options signals review. If you want real profits read my review of Franco’s binary options signals.

Independent success rate verification

Binary Matrix Pro uses the services offered by the firm BinaryVerify,as stated, is security and a completely independent binary options trading analytics organisation. The firm provides independent verification and authorization of binary options accounts.You’ll find the account data of several binary options trading accounts which have reached a success level over 81% if you check out the main page of Binary Matrix Pro. checked and approved each one of these accounts. A analyst that has access to the accounts verifies if the performance ratio reported is real or not.

However,the BinaryVerify which allegedly confirms the binary options trading signals results is another fake site.It was created a month after is a network of sites all managed by the exact same folks.Do not be deceived by the attractively constructed web site. There is nothing more to it.If you check the name server settings of and those of you’ll notice that they use exactly the same name servers. So this 3rd party “independent” company just happens to be hosted with exactly the same web hosting company? And both domain names were registered within 30 days of each other? Please share this Binary Matrix Pro review to help other binary options traders avoid this scam.

I explain how I started my binary options signals review here.

How can Binary Matrix Pro be Free? Are there Any Future Fees?

$300 free credits are a lot, as you have read above. Theoretically you can trade with them for many months without needing to buy new ones. So, how does this binary options signals service earn money then? I read on a fake Binary Matrix review :” these people earn money from the following credit purchases after traders used all their initial $300 free credits. This is simply another strong sign that the services offered by them really work.”. That’s a big LIE!

Like just about all the similar free binary options signals providers out there, the owners earn money from the sign-up bonuses they get from the brokers.They lure you to set up a “free” account with them.But then you must open an account with one of their “recommended” brokers and deposit money. Some binary options brokers can pay anywhere from $250 – $500 if you refer clients to them.If you lead more many clients to them you can also ask them to raise the commission.This is how Binary Matrix Pro and all “free” binary options trading signals services make money.This is the reason they exist in the first place.This is why I wrote this binary options signals review. You can find real binary options signals free trials here.

Don’t be misled by the risk free offer. You will still be forced to deposit money with one of the Binary Matrix recommended brokers.You should also be careful with the brokers. In case you get any bonus you cannot get the money you deposited back unless you meet some insane requirements.I’ll make a binary options broker’s review soon.

Last words of Binary Matrix Pro review

Binary Matrix Pro are also email spammers.Do not subscribe to their email list. I made a removal request from their email subscribing list,but I was still getting emails.Lots of these scams show up each month. It looks like the same guys repeat the same binary options signals service under different names.

Make sure you leave a comment below this binary options signals review and share your own experience with BinaryMatrixPro. Everyone wants to find out if it’s reliable or not.

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I’ll be making more reviews of the best binary options signals apps and the scams.So bookmark my webpage to find me again.Follow me below on Google+ or Twitter to get my new reviews and my updates.


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Yeah to me, this is pure shit, I spent about a month using binary matrix pro, and had mostly loses,,, I ignored the social feedback because it was not the same as my experience.


It’s quite an enjoyable company, Expertoption, as for me. Conditions are excellent, money is taken out without problems. I’m really pleased with the results of working with this trading.


Hi George,

I have used Binary Matrix Pro. I found it to have just about a 50% success rate. As I’m sure you know, 50% success in binary options means that you actually lose money because losses cost you more money than wins add to your account.

I hope this helps people decide whether or not they should use Binary Matrix Pro.

Thanks for posting these reviews. I’m going to be signing up for Franco’s signals.



This is another binary option software scam company. Do not send them any money as you will never get any software. Below you will find some of the names, emails, Skype etc. they use to scam you with:

Name: Alvin Frank


Phone: +447451230707

Skype: alvinfrank100

Address: Trade for me Company Lodge obiaruku,delta state,Nigeria

Western Union Name: Ewubale Franklyn